Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Snack list for summer 2010

Wednesday June 9 Vickie
Thursday June 10 Julie and Jill
Friday June 11 Leslie and Kaye

Monday June 14 Rachelle and Key
Tuesady June 15 Brenda and Stacy
Wednesday June 16 Jan and Brandon
Thursday June 17 Cheryl and Laci
Friday June 18 Chelena and Jeanetta

Monday June 21 Brandi and Laci
Tuesday June 22 Josh and Kristel
Wednesday June 23 Suzanne
Thursday June 24 Dr. Huse and Brenda and Shari
Friday June 25 The WP Gang


  1. If anyone feels the need to bring an extra snack, please do so on Wednesday, June 23. :)


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